The Brilliance of the Hyundai Brand is on Full Display when Compared to Industry Offerings

A forward-thinking approach is the genius of any visionary and those looking to achieve greatness in the automotive industry. Reflecting on great deeds of the past only can take you so far, while innovation is the key to making something new, creative and refreshing for shoppers who get to experience a unique drive every day. And with Hyundai, you can expect innovation to be a core principle that is reflected in every design and every meticulous detail that you take in.


Award-Winning.  Attention Grabbing.

Here at Gerald Hyundai of North Aurora, we are proud to be able to discuss the merits of Hyundai and the award-winning recognition this heralded brand receives across the industry for its outstanding achievements and sterling level of consistency. From the warranty coverage that everyone talks about to the core belief of designing safe and user friendly vehicles, it's no wonder that shoppers who visit our showroom to review new Hyundai models almost always walk away impressed with the outstanding quality of product that they've taken a look at.

Identified for having the number one customer loyalty for seven years in a row and labeled the 2016 Kelley Blue Book 5-year Cost to Own award winner, the accolades continue to mount for Hyundai models. And when taking a look at some of the benefits, including America's Best Warranty Coverage and IIHS top-level government crash test ratings, it's not hard to see why the recognition continues to flood in year after year.

To see more specifically how Hyundai models compare to other vehicles on the marketplace, and to begin gauging your own opinions from there, please review our Hyundai model comparative reviews and begin thinking about a test drive here in person!