Hyundai Continues to Progress its Autonomous Driving Technologies

One of the most consistent objectives for automakers recently has proven to be the allure of fully autonomous vehicles, which has gotten our staff at Gerald Hyundai looking eagerly into the future. While we're still a long ways away from the convenience of autonomous driving, the Hyundai brand is making strides with their Highway Driving Assist 2 system of semi-autonomous features - similar to the Autopilot functions offered in Tesla models. The automaker brought an example of this technology to the Consumer Electronics Show back in January, and now we're able to finally know more about this impressive innovation.

Not only can Hyundai's self-driving technology control speed and necessary stops on the highway, but it has also been able to navigate crossroads, intersections, junctions and merges back onto main roads. The brand plans on progressing the effectiveness of this system before committing to its commercialization for consumers; a milestone they plan to achieve by 2022. We're optimistic for the benefits that autonomous vehicles can bring, both throughout North Aurora and the world as a whole. If you're interested to learn more, we're happy to be your guide with a visit to 209 Hansen Blvd today!

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